LED Screens

LED Screens

LED lighting today is seen as the light of the future and one of the most relevant creations since the invention of electricity. The led lights have a 50,000 hours lifetime making the led choise an smart option these days.

For the commercial area it’s indispensable to attract potential customers and help increase your business.

Through our enlightenment it is possible to create diverse environments, from cheerful, energetic, to intimate and reflective, depending on your option. Therefore, it is essential to have appealing lighting that fill your needs while allowing efficient energy savings.

This is how our led screens are characterized, which can be used for all kinds of applications such as videos or images.

At Prosperitas Creative you can find a wide variety of interactive products to give life and light to your event or business.

Our models are prepared for all kinds of environments capable of responding to the highest expectations. All the products that we offer will undoubtedly change your communication to another level, providing a positive evolution in the quality of your message.

Build your own screen with our led digital modules. It is simple and easy as Legos.

Prosperitas Creative Solutions

Outdoor Solutions

The outdoor system was developed to respond to all types of facilities in our daily lives, being prepared for any adverse conditions that may arise. Our led displays can be easily installed on walls or posts being prepared with top technologies, ensuring an exceptional quality of image for the general public, attracting the attention all around. Our outdoor line has been specially designed and suitable for external use as the technology in it.
led outdoor
led indoor

Indoor Solutions

Our indoor displays through their recognizable elegance bring together the best of both worlds, their intelligence and their sophisticated design. In addition to the intuitive technology developed, the products feature a modern furniture that can integrate any space. If you want to create a smart and well-composed environment our indoor solutions are the ideal solution.

Advertising Solutions

Bring your brand to live. Through our advertising solutions, let us take care of your communication with our interactive products that will not only illuminate your space but also make it an unforgettable experience for all your customers. Do it different! The Prosperitas Creative led displays are set to give life to your branding and comunicate autonomously with your audience.
led reclame
led indoor

Transparency Solutions

LED technology does not stop innovating and finding solutions to your needs. We present the latest Prosperitas product where transparency is synonymous with class, elegance and promotion. Our new solution seeks to provide a new experience in the LED world attracting attention to your communication. The effects and the range of features of this new product will increase the marketing of your business to a new other level.
We offer the latest LED technology, through innovative solutions in Outdoor and Indoor. Please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you have a question!